Photovoltaic systems

Net metering with photovoltaics allows you to produce your own electricity, which you consume at home or business at the time it is produced, and if there is a surplus, you give it to the power supply company to get it back at night.


Photovoltaic installation

photovoltaic switchboard

Interior of photovoltaic switchboard

photovoltaic, panel





Panel wiring

installation of photovoltaic panel

Installation of photovoltaic panel

photovoltaic panel wiring

Photovoltaic panel wiring

The power supply company offsets the current produced by photovoltaics with the electricity consumed by the owner of the photovoltaic on an annual basis, transferring any excess energy in next year's account. The energy consumpted and producted are liquidated every three years. By choosing a system that produces in a year how much energy we consume annually, we reduce dramatically the electricity bill. Usually we install systems whose annual output is at a small percentage greater than the annual electricity consumption of the home or business, receiving future load additions.