Smart home

Smart home means SECURITY

The system automatically notifies with an sms when there is an emergency situation (activation of alarm, smoke existence, flood, excessive wind, power outages, etc.) or when oil reserves are marginal point. It can also take initiatives such as on flooding to cut off water, on fire to cut off electricity, on violation to flash all the lights of the house - building (interior - exterior) and lower the shutters, in a strong wind to raise the awnings. In excessive humidity (avoids the point of saturation of water vapor in relation to the critical temperature either for the floor or for the walls, putting into operation the ventilation or heating as needed). Also if during the night we realize suspicious noises, we can do photoshoot on the whole property with a button or even activate various panic scenarios (eg direct camera recording, activation of secret call to relative etc.).

Smart home means ENERGY SAVING

The energy identity of a building is now linked to the cost of its fair value. Automations enhance the energy class of a property and therefore add value from 5% to 15% when it has a bioclimatic design. However, we should know that nothing can replace intelligent automation systems, since only they can detect real-time weather and balance the indoor environment accordingly, ensuring uninterrupted thermal comfort and energy saving. Have you ever wondered how many times while the automatic watering is on, it started to rain? In a smart home, watering would stop immediately to avoid unnecessary water consumption. Here are some basic ways to save energy with building automation:

knx controller with thermostat

Knx controller with thermostat

knx controller

Knx controller

smart home

Smart home 3d illustration


An intelligent system can be self-adjusting based on natural light so as to hold the lux exactly where we want, without our intervention (Day-light control).

Ventilation, cooling, heating

A thinking system takes care to pre-condition the interior, knowing the external conditions temperature-humidity, wind or rain, so it saves energy by setting the air conditioning or heating in operation and takes care to refresh the air with fresh when required. The sensors of outside temperature, wind intensity and solar radiation perceive the conditions for the next period and can intervene immediately to avoid unnecessary use of the units. If the house is empty and the air condition is on or the windows are open, we can lower the shutters and turn off the air condition automatically. The system can provide heating at night only in the bedrooms (electronically controlled with thermostats per room) while the rest house to remain in the temperature maintenance zone (stay mode). The reverse can be programmed during the day.

Smart home means COMFORT

When we want to leave the house, with one click we can turn off all the lights, shutters, kitchen, water heater, water, heating, activate the home simulation (to show the burglars that there is someone in the house) and activate the alarm. On our return, with one click to turn on the lights we want, to activate the cooling - heating in specific areas and raise the shutters we have chosen. Waking up in the morning with the push of a button wakes up the house with us. Let the shutters go up, activate the socket of the coffee maker so that in 10 minutes we have our coffee ready. All this can also be handled remotely with our mobile phone, computer or via the internet.